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George Giannaris...

was born  in Astoria, NY and spent his junior high school years living in Greece for the winter. During the summer months he grew up working in his family-owned restaurant, The Hellenic Snack Bar & Restaurant. In 1976, it wasn't a restaurant, it was expanded into a restaurant in 1985. Specializing in Greek and American cuisine, with an extensive local wine list and unique, innovative cocktails, the restaurant has left its impression on the North Fork of Long Island, many calling it an "institution."


The evolution of the region into one of America's up-and-coming boutique wine regions along with the "portal" to the rest of the United States, known as the Cross Sound Ferry in Orient, inspired Giannaris to pen his first memoir, Ferry Tales, back in 2008.


Riding on the success of his first book, Ferry Tales 2: When Hellenic Freezes Over, was released in early June of 2016. Responding to  the requests of his readers and customers, Ferry Tales 2 contains photos and recipes, along with comical and introspective short stories.


Giannaris pursues many passions. He has developed a point of sale system, designed and constructed a 4-axis milling machine, is finishing a novel, working on a cartoon series titled Mental Midgetry and is part of a group that is authoring screenplays cooperatively.  His interests are trumped by his full-time job of owning and operating his family's legacy, Hellenic, which  is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

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